incredible experiences on the Lake Como
Our Vision

Perfect Experiences

Our intent is to offer a complete and organized service from every point of view leaving to you the only task of choosing and enjoying our proposals.

Lake Como on sunrise - Vision and Mission of Your Lake
Beautiful City in Lake Como - Your Lake

We are looking for increasingly efficient services and modus operandi to facilitate life and to make people’s real lives more practical. From here emerges the meaning of our slogan that expresses our desire to allow people through a simple click to access experiences and real worlds.

For us it is a source of pride to present you with services and experiences that reveal efficiency , dynamism and honesty. We work every day to ensure that you have access to unique experiences at a unique price.

The proposed activities are experiences that we ourselves have done on Lake Como and that we would do again very willingly. We give you our experience to ensure that your leisure activities take shape in your reality and remain forever etched in your memory.

Our Mission

A World Within Reach

We are a very young and enterprising collective. Our intent stems from the need to help and group services, experiences and visions that arise from the territory that has seen us grow and now we would like to see grow together.

Company Information

Name: YourLake di Filippo Calabro’

Office Address:

P. IVA: 04084290131

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REA Number: CO – 418477

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Legal Form: Sole Proprietorship